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A large North American Association of Aftermarket Wholesalers, Dealers and Retailers

We have been working with Liferay for close to 2 yrs now and have developed themes, layouts and quite a few portlets for the portal. These include search, shopping cart, ordering, catalogs, some SOA features and interportlet communication. We have also developed a few portlets using RoR and Groovy on Grails

JFCom (Joint Forces Command - a division of NATO)

We were sub-contracted parts of this project by the original contractor. We were awarded the contract based on our expertise on Linux. The application is used to collaborate between multiple translators sitting in various parts of the world. Documents/manuals were assigned to translators. The translators would then upload translated documents back. This application included workflow, scheduling, online text editing, version control etc.

We developed quite a few modules including the admin module and were responsible for setup and maintanance of Jboss and Oracle (on Linux) development environment.

Mentor Graphics

We are helping Mentor Graphics with refactoring their flagship product. Technology includes - JAVA/J2EE, Apache/Tomcat, C/C++

Ruby on Rails

Logistics - State government of Assam (India)

Drug Inventory and Logistics solution - This is a logistics/inventory management system which we developed as 3rd party contractors for the government of Assam - A state in India.

The application tracks prescription drugs/medical items of Govt. health-care programs throughout the whole state starting from procurement at the Central drug warehouse down to distribution at the district health center. Bar-codes were used extensively in the application. Medical items were tracked right from procurement at the Central Drug Warehouse and over various hierarchical distribution points to over 600 Primary Health Care Centers across the state.

Workflow - For Intellectual Property Consultants
Innovation capture and work-flow Application spread over Intranets of multiple companies.This is a complete work-flow mgmt. solution spanning multiple companies. The client is an IP (intellectual property) consultant with multiple clients and external stakeholders (like patent attorneys, litigation attorneys). Items(Patent ideas) originating at one level need to flow across multiple layers of heirarchy within the originating organisation. After due processing internally, these are forwarded to the IP consultancy where there is again a work-flow across layers in the organisation and then on to other stakeholders like patent attorneys. We provided a single web application where all stake holders can collaborate through a single sign-in. This application will be extended with features like massive de-centralisation using SOA, encrypting all data (including fields and files attachments) during transmission (to secure the IP of client organisations).

Real Estate Web site with full feature interaction including Search through cell-phone SMS.
This application is a real estate search via cell phone SMS. Users send Real Estate queries in pre-determined SMS format to our site. Registration of new users and their queries is automatic from the SMS and transparent to the user. Registration of new properties of returning users is also automatic. The site registers new users transparently from the SMS with the login-id as the cell phone number and we send a password back in an SMS. Properties matching the query are SMSed back to the user depending on payment plan. The user can also login to the site using his cell phone number and the supplied password. Users can interact with the site either through the browser/Internet or via SMS.

Special Features: We have provided sophistcated matching and spelling correction technologies. The complexity here was parsing the incoming 'free text' users SMSes. A 2 bed-room apartment can come in as:

1. 2bhk, 1.8k, san jose, 2 parking, rent-in (where bhk means bedroom, hall, kitchen)
2. 2bed, 1.5k-2.0k, santa clara, 2 cars, sell.
3. bedroom, 1500-2000, sunnyvale, buy. Quite a bit of work went into understanding the query.

The complete site was developed in RoR and Postgres. We also developed a few daemons in pure Ruby.

R-Knowsys initiated GPLed projects
RailsSecure - security API for Rails – We are in the process of releasing a plugin for Rails which will provides APIs for transparent encryption/decryption of uploaded/stored documents. A key concern of web enabled applications (Intranet) in organizations is data security. We have developed an API set which will encrypt documents during the upload process. This will ensure that even sysadmins cannot read documents stored on servers. - http://rubyforge.org/projects/railssecure/

OrgChartPlugin - A generic orgChart plugin for rails. Provides a common set of APIs which make it easier to handle hierarchy mapping in Rails applications. You will be able to define organisations, locations, branches, departments, hierarchy, relationships etc. After defining this, you can use the APIs to query relationships and all aspects of the orgChart - http://rubyforge.org/projects/orgchartplugin/

Ongoing projects
There are 2 other ongoing RoR projects which are confidential in nature. Clients are startups in stealth mode. These are 'web 2.0' application mashups integrating google ids, youtube, google maps, yahoo maps, 'deep' embedding of orbitz.com etc.

Linux, Enterprise, Infrastructure


We implemented a proof of concept email server implementation for the southern region HQ of NTPC a USD 7 billion dollar annual revenue enterprise which generates about 28% of total electricity generated in India.

GVKBio Pvt. Ltd.

We managed the Linux server infrastructure of GVKBio Pvt. Ltd. including Qmail/SpamAssassin, LDAP, iptables firewall, ftp/web servers, apache/tomcat and some intranet LAMP applicaitons.

Due to shortage of high end Linux system adminsitrators at GVKBio, we migrated GVKBios Linux servers to MS technologies. This was a turnkey project. Qmail to Exchange, Migration from mixed Windows NT/2000 to unified Windows 2003 server and domain across 4 cities and 6 locations.

1. Systems audit.
2. Design of domain, network and infrastructure solution. Co-ordination with VPN provider to implement network     solution including (cisco) router configurations.
3. Installation of Windows 2003 servers on dual Opteron RAID servers. Consolidation of existing users and     domains. Multisite replication of Windows domain servers.Windows update servers. Implementation of Group     and security policies, desktop standardisation.
4. Migrating over 1000 desktops from mixed mode Win98/2000/XP to unified XP desktops including applications     and user profiles. Migrating from MS-Office 98/2000 to standardised MS-OfficeXP.
5. Migrating 1000+ mail boxes from Qmail to Exchange 2003. Exchange 2003 configuration with replication, spam     control and security with DMZ. Proof of Concept implementation of MS-Sharepoint, MS-Project server and Web     parts.
6. Hardware firewall with virus/worm/trojan filtering and Intrusion Detection.

Systems audit, compliance for USFDA CFR Part 11 for GVKBio Pvt. Ltd.

Deployment and customisation of portal solutions
Deploying and maintaining SAKAI (www.sakaiproject.org) and liferay (www.liferay.com) on Fedora 7 and CentOS 5. Customising based on requirements.

Misc. Enterprise deployments of FLOSS
Enterprise Linux consulting including Fedora Directory server, mail servers(Qmail), LAN partitioning using iptables and Linux as router. VPN implementations OpenSWAN, enterprise intranet infrastructure including implementing and supporting applications like proj management, version control, intranet portals – group-office, egroupware, knowledge and web 2.0 applications, MySQL, PostGres, EnterpriseDB.


Workflow - Bank of Indonesia
3rd party consulting in application re-engineering and QA for a 'paperless' microfinance loan processing system whose end client was the Bank of Indonesia. Bank of Indonesia provides loans to micro-credit institutions as well as inidviduals under various micro-finance schemes. This project was aimed at automating the complete process. Special Features: Complete loan lifecycle from application and approvals(workflow) over various stages to loan disbursal, interest calculations to loan recovery and handling late payments/defaults. This was initially in VB, SQLServer and some components in VB.NET.

Healthcare - Application re-engineering
Hospital management System for Javasoftech Other: technology used was VC++ and SQLServer

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