Enterprise Communication Portal / Server
Code name – CommunicEnter – Enterprise Communication portal/server.
(Alpha stage – Project to be hosted at sourceforge.net – Link coming soon.) (Completely GPLed) – Communicenter is an Enterprise class communication infrastructure. This is a Fedora/CentOS based Linux distribution aimed to be a complete communication server and portal. All forms of digital communication will be available via browser. We will use as many off the shelf components as possible and are building a GPLed VOIP plugin for firefox (Link to VOIP plugin literature on our site.) Other comparitive projects – deeproot.in In fact this project was started as we wanted more than deeproot and Kollab.
Key Features
Completely standards based
Email server - Postfix
IM Server – Jabber (considered)
Inbuilt Directory Server support – Fedora Directory Server (integrated), MS-Active Directory Server (Planned)
VOIP Server + Asterisk Telephony Engine(Planned)
Video Conferencing features (Planned)
Easy installation. Extremely easy deployment for organisations with existing Active Directory Server or LDAP.
Ajax enabled easy web interface for administration and management including backup.
Ajax enabled user interface for all features.

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