Open Source solutions, support and involvement
Support for Open Source Products and Deployments
Integration, Deployment, Support, Maintenance, Feature       Enhancements of existing open source products
Providing comprehensive solutions on Linux leveraging free components.
Directory services – openLDAP, LDAP, Fedora Directory       Server.
Jboss and J2EE applications, Jboss portal server,       Liferay(www.liferay.com), Sakai(www.sakaiproject.org)
Apache products – apache, apache-tomcat
Databases – MySQL, PostGres
Storage - FreeNAS
We provide support for free software products including -       Installation, configuration, maintenace, integration,       support (with SLA)
Managing Open Source development
Seeding a project
Building communities
Identifying and hiring core contributers and people for       allied services like documentation and user interface
Testing Open source projects
Rknowsys sponsored community projects
Org-Chart heirarchy APIs
RailsSecure APIs
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  Projects Portfolio
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