This is a tool for knowledge capture and gaming based on 'wisdom of the crowds'. In all organizations, valuable ideas are generated by different people at various levels. Most of these ideas are generated based on experience with clients, competitors, inetractions with new technology etc. Most of these ideas are not leveraged due to inefficient aggregation and filtering mechanisms. A lot of emphasis is placed in organizations on capturing these ideas and different programs are run to this end. Most of them have limited success due to various reasons.

Ideaxchange incorporates the principles of 'wisdom of the crowds' in a elegant, easy to use manner to provide a high impact solution to organisations. Benefits include -

Incentivised and hence enhanced participation of members in the organization - Facility for the idea to evolve based       on inputs from other employees – Fosters team work
Allignment between organisation benefit and personal benefit - Tangible connection between individual contribution       and associated individual reward
Top management gets a snapshot on what employees are thinking. Also people are assured of anonymity and hence       will be more honest in opinions
Transparency in capturing, evaluating and rewarding these ideas.
Removes personality issues from the whole process by anonymisation of author of idea/innovation
Lesser dependency on 'innovation committees' and associated difficulty in calculating ROI of 'expert committees'
Please refer the PDF for details on the tool, its benefits and how you can leverage Ideaxchange to provide immediate       benefits to your organisation.

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