About Rknowsys
K.C. Ramakrishna (CEO)
Has a bachelors degree from REC Kurukshetra and has worked with Infosys, Globespan(Conexant) and vnvision before founding R-Knowsys. He has worked in Internet technologies and System software as an engineer and has consulted in technology startegies and business plans while working with www.vnvision.com
Ajay Kottapally
Has a (B.Tech+M.Tech) dual degree in Computer Science from IIT Madras and currently works on collaborative architectures.
Mr.P. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy
Has a B.Tech (Electronics) from BITS Pilani and an ME in Computer Science from Texas A&M Colege Station. He has extensive experience in Web Framerowrks, Document Management, Java and .NET technologies. As technical architect and Proj. mgr. delivered large projects managing teams across countries.

Our Committment to clients and partners

All solutions will be designed to make our clients independent of any particular vendor including R-Knowsys Technologies.

All our solutions will adhere to industry standards wherver applicable and will use open formats to store data.

We will strive to provide the best 24x7 support to all our customers and partners.

Our Committment towards Open source

We will leverage best of breed Open source technologies to build highly reliable, low maintenance solutions while providing one of the best ROI in the industry.

We will be in full compliance of respective free/opensource licenses and will give back to the free software community in terms of code, involvement, sponsorship and support.

We use and encourage licenses compatible with and similar in spirit to GPL v2/v3, Apache, MIT, Ruby License, BSD and Mozilla.

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