R-Knowsys has a proven track record of providing comprehensive IT solutions. We choose between the myraid choices of proprietary and free technologies to provide you reliable, low maintenance, highly usable collaborative IT solutions at optimum cost.

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R-Knowsys has launched products aiding enhanced collaboration, knowledge sharing and knowledge management. We have launched unique products like Ideaxchange and also quite few Open source plugins enhancing collaboration in the Enterprise. Call us for knowledge management in you enterprise.

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R-Knowsys strongly believes in leveraging Free software for providing 'non-vendor lockin' solutions. All our products and plugins are licensed under the GNU-GPL. We have founded and sponsored quite a few open source projects and support various other open source projects by way of documentation, testing, code and donations.

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R-Knowsys Technologies is a committed provider of enterprise IT solutions and collaborative web enabled applications based on open source technologies. We have a proven track record of providing open source solutions to medium and large enterprises since 2002. We have been using free/opensource tools since 1998.
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